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American World University has higher education programs in four major regions of the world. In Israel, the University has dozens of students studying in the Arabic and Hebrew languages. The high caliber of student work in this region, despite on-going political problems, is testimony to the perseverance of the students themselves and the University staff.

In Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia, American World University enrolls a minimum of 100 students monthly, all of whom perform exemplary work. From 1992 through 2000 in Japan, American World University has continued to grant degrees to qualified students. Other joint academic agreements with the Japanese are currently enforce.

Throughout Latin America, American World University has established Proxy representation in order to provide distance learning education to hundreds of students over time. In the Middle East, American World University is currently educating foremost business leaders as well as members of the royal families. Other A.W.U. programs are currently enforce in Egypt, Kenya and throughout Africa.

Educational programs in connection with nations in Eastern Europe are accelerating. Additionally, hundreds of individual students enroll in American World University each year from countries around the world. At least 30% of all A.W.U. students reside in the U.S.A.


Since its inception, American World University has graduated over 10,000 students, maintaining a current enrollment of approximately 8000 students and anticipating an enrollment of more than 2000 new students before the end of 2012. 2003 projections are anticipated to be at least 4000 new students and by the year 2012, at least 5000 new students will enroll on an annual basis. American World University is the premier institution for global distance learning and has received many accolades from its students, alumni and official agencies.

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