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Description of Majors

The following is a partial description of subject areas available for degree programs. Not all subject areas are included. However, students may request a curriculum guide for any of the subject areas listed below. The AWU 2012 catalogue has more than 40 Majors available to students.

Business Administration
BBA., MBA and DBA degrees granted. Courses include finance, law, management, accounting, marketing, personnel relations, sales promotion, operations management, international business management, and other aspects of the contemporary business world. Courses are current, updated, and prepared with relevancy to the student's background and experience.

Computer Science
Stresses computer literacy; updated computer knowledge, processes, theory, applications, and systems. Textbook and laboratory experiences are provided.

History, Principles, Theory, and Application of economic concepts and ideas, with emphasis on contemporary global economic problems.

Basic principles, theories and practice of education at all levels of instruction.

Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Structural and Mechanical Engineering. Engineering Administration. Courses are supervised by outstanding professionals in the field.

Environmental Science
Conservation, Ecology, Land Use, Global Environmental Problems, Urban Planning and Development, Conservation of Forests and Ecological Problems of Plant and Animal Life.

English as a Second Language, Structural English, English Literature and Business English; Emphasis on grammar, effective writing skills, phonetics and composition.

Fine Arts
Principles of drawing, painting, sculpting, design, art history, interior design.

Foreign Language
Structure and grammar of the target language, written, oral and listening skills, business and technical language, linguistics, translation. (These areas are provided for all standard languages).

Health Science
Occupational Health, Safety, Ergonomics, Hospital Administration, Disease Control, Global Health Problems.

Ancient, Medieval and Modern History, World History, United States History, Historiography, History of specific countries.

Interdisciplinary Studies
The combining of one or more related disciplines into an unified area of focus, to be approved by the University.

Writing for Publication, Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing, News Reporting, Journalistic Formats, Mass-Media.

General and specific practices involved in the fields of International Law, EC Law, or the law of individual nations.

International Relations
Political, social and economic aspects of the relationships between countries. Current and updated.

Nursing and Nursing Administration
Principles of nursing and nursing administration. Textbook assignments and on-site experience provided in the student's own country.

Political Science
Contemporary Political Theory, Comparative Political Systems, Application of Political Science Principles, Bureaucracy, History of Political Thought.

Theories, Practical Applications, Adult and Child Psychology, Family Therapy, History of Psychology, Clinical Practice, Contemporary Research, Statistics.

Public Administration
Principles of public administration applied to the organization and infrastructure of large and small bureaucratic units.

Anthropology, Archaeology, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Health Sciences, Marine Sciences, Oceanography, Zoology. Other majors in this subject area may be accommodated by petition to the University.

Contemporary and Historical Social Systems, Social Theory, Social Problems and Their Resolutions.

History, principles and present practices of the world's great religions.

NOTE: Students may petition for alternative majors not currently offered. Students may also have a dual major or a major with a minor subject area. If a dual major is listed, the two subjects must be compatible. (For example: Business Administration could be combined with Economics).

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