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Distance Learning

American World University operates at-distance Learning and Affiliated Center. However, its delivery system for instruction and its academic guidelines, are identical to the requirements of any established residence university.

Students must be strictly qualified before entering a degree program and copies of transcripts and life experience documents must be submitted and approved by the University's administrative staff.

Students receive their own supervising professor, student handbook for guidance, curriculum guide and course outline for the degree program. Assignments are tailored to the country, culture and academic subject area of interest.

Assignments are transmitted by fax, rapid courier, correspondence, and E-mail. In some cases, students have a one-on-one relationship with their professors, especially if the professors are in geographic proximity to the student.

Papers are carefully evaluated and are frequently returned for revision. This is especially true with Master's theses and Doctoral dissertations. All students receive examinations prior to graduation. Graduate students must "defend" their research papers.

Students are required to use only the most updated references in preparing their assignments. Books and materials, if unavailable in the student's own country, are obtained on the Internet through A monthly student newsletter is distributed to all students and alumni.

Students may work in their own language but an English translation or an English summary of the work is required for papers longer than five pages.

AWU professors have the credentials and degrees appropriate to the subject areas they supervise.

All final decisions about the issuance of a student's degree rests with the University's administrative staff.

Diplomas and transcripts are mailed to students, or presented in person at graduations held periodically around the globe.

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