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The time is now propitious for international cooperation among institutions of higher learning and major governments around the world. The combination of high quality American Education in connection with the educational standards and guidelines of countries in transition, allows for the establishment of excellent overseas centers of residence learning and extensive distance learning programs. These programs must be cognizant of the culture, customs and language of the individual country, while, at the same time, applying the academic standards of U.S. universities to the student's higher education.

In light of current economic and political crises, the UNO and UNESCO are unable to adequately meet the educational demands of Third World Countries and countries in transition, who need assistance with their educational programs. Additionally, there are almost no agencies which currently provide this service. The first annual conference dealing with such problems was conducted by the World Association of Universities and Colleges in conjunction with the United Nations in January, 1996. However, American World University developed an optimum global educational model in 1990, which has provided quality instruction at the collegiate level to thousands of students. Additionally, the University was recognized in 1998 by Association Internationale Des Educateurs Pour La Paix Mondiale, an affiliate of UNESCO and UNICEF.

American World's model was made possible due to a number of revolutionary developments characterizing our modern era. Over the past several decades, enormous progress has been made in new methods for delivering instruction to university students. These new methods, and many types of advanced communication, render some traditional teaching approaches obsolete and open the door to new, more modern approaches to higher education. Contemporary self-contained classroom instruction is, in some cases, an appropriate means of delivering instruction to students. In other cases, distance learning delivery systems avoid the need for states and nations to build "brick and mortar" universities which are extremely costly. Therefore distance learning, conducted in its own right, or in conjunction with the traditional residence university, is the method of choice for most students in the year 2002 and beyond.

Throughout the world, governments face demands from their populations to increase the amount of educational opportunities currently available. Governments recognize that such expanded education must take place immediately, since disparity in educational achievement can affect national sovereignty as well as economic development.

The educational gap between more advanced countries and emerging nations is widening rapidly. This disparity threatens global interests and affects all countries, including the United States, where attempts to modernize traditional residence education have become too costly compared to the growth rate in students. Thus, there is a need to establish high quality university education at-distance to serve large numbers of students in the most effective way possible.

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