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Excerpts from Letters

The following are excerpts from letters written by alumni, supporters of the University's programs, and other noteworthy individuals connected with AWU.

"I would like to say that I hold American World University in the highest caliber of all distance learning universities..."

Dr. Bruce Rosen, Former Asst. Professor, Computer Science
The University of Texas-San Antonio

"It is little wonder ... that I should speak so highly of AWU--and of Dr. Asher--for integrity, a commitment to the highest standards of post-secondary education, and to unswerving plans to remain a leader in distance learning by continuing to upgrade the concept in the years to come."

Dr. Adrian Waller
Former Lecturer in Written English
Nihon University, College of Law
Suidobashi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo Japan

"...I can say that I have greatly benefited from the professional and tailor made assistance and guidance received from AWU tutors during my degree program of B.A. in Business Administration..."

Gottfried Fahrni, Rothmans of Pall Mall Limited

"I am indeed very proud to acknowledge the academic excellence of the work that I was given to study throughout the various course programs enabling me to earn a degree which I consider extremely valid and helpful..."

Fausto da Silva Cereja
President, N.V. Belmar S.A.

"I would also like to express that I find the integrity of the American World University of a very high standard and the diploma of a high academic validity..."

Engelbert Toonen, Dr. B.A. Touringcarbedruf Op Het Broek, B.V.

"...American World University is one of the best distance education (schools) in the United States..."

Hassan Sadek, Ph.D.

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