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The Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Business Administration Degrees are granted in the following subject areas. When the student majors in a specialized division of one of the areas mentioned below, the diploma will identify the student's main subject area and then have a subtitle indicating the student's area of specialization. Example: If a degree is granted in Business, the diploma will read "Master of Arts in Business Administration with a Major in International Business." The diploma may also read "Master of Business Administration with a Major in International Business." Before the diploma is printed, the student will have the opportunity to approve the wording on the diploma, in conjunction with the AWU administrative staff. Additionally, the student will be asked to indicate the exact spelling of his/her name for placement on the document.



Now you can study computer science, business, psychology, education and other subject areas at a low fee. After you complete the course you receive a Certificate of Completion and a transcript. Courses can later be applied to a full degree program. More than 40 subject areas are available.

FULL FEE -- $1000.00

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